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Teaching: Danuta Shanzer

Undergraduate Courses in Greek and Latin:
Caesar, De Bello gallico
Greek for beginners
Lactantius, De Mortibus Persecutorum
Latin for beginners
Latin 2 (Cicero, In Cat. 1 or Pro Murena)
Intensive Beginning Latin
Latin in Review
Juvenal and Satire
Mediaeval Latin (Survey of different texts)
Mediaeval Latin (Alain de Lille, De Planctu Nature)
Plato, Apology and Euthyphro
Plato, Symposium
Petronius, Satyrica, Seneca, Apocolocyntosis, and Apuleius, Metamorphoses
New Testament Greek (Acts and Synoptic Gospels) (200-level)
New Testament Greek and Early Christian Literature (300-level)
Ovid, Metamorphoses
Roman Satire: Ennius-Juvenal (Harvard, Spring 1989)
Sight Translation (multiple texts)
Tacitus, Opera Minora

Undergraduate Lecture Courses in Translation:
Hellenistic Greek and Roman Republican Literature
Roman Literature and Civilisation 753 B.C. -200 A.D.
Roman Literature in Translation: Plautus-Augustine
“Voyages to Strange Worlds:” Initiation to the Classical Tradition (Homer to Margaret
Atwood: Space Voyages and Utopias and Dystopias)
“Confession and Conversion” Freshman Writing Seminar
“Goths, Vandals, Franks, and Romans”
“Pagans and Christians in the Later Roman Empire”
“The World of Late Antiquity”
“Society and the Supernatural in Late Antiquity”

Graduate Classes and Seminars in Greek and Latin:

Advanced Latin Prose Composition 1 (Ciceronian Oratorical Style)
Advanced Latin Prose Composition 2 (Different Styles: Cato to Apuleius)
Ammianus Marcellinus
Apuleius, Metamorphoses
Apuleius’s Apologia and Boethius’s De Consolatione Philosophiae
Augustine, Confessions
Boethius, De Consolatione Philosophiae
Cicero, De Natura Deorum and Republic
Classics Proseminar (Greek and Latin Paleography and Textual Criticism)
Insular Latin Literature of the Early Middle Ages (Vindolanda to Geoffrey of Monmouth)
Latin Hagiography: Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages
Latin Literature of the Early Middle Ages: Hilary of Poitiers to Fortunatus
Latin Literature of the Later Roman Empire: Hymnography, Personal Poetry,
and Epistolography
Latin Proseminar (Latin Palaeography and Textual Criticism)
Latin Paleography
Mediaeval Studies Proseminar (team-taught, I covered Latin palaeography)
Pagan and Christian Poetry of Late Antiquity (at Harvard in Spring 1989)
Research Methodologies in Classics (Greek and Latin): a Practicum
Roman Republican Literature: A Graduate Survey
Roman Satire
Roman Epistolography
The School of Chartres and Philosophical Poetry of the 12th C.
Vergil, Aeneid 6
Vulgar Latin (Romance Philology 201) (Linguistic history of VL through primary sources)
Wives, Virgins, Martyrs, Widows: Christian Women of the Later Roman Empire
Late Antique and Medieval Latin Hagiography

Independent Reading Courses for Graduates

Augustinus, Confessions
Ausonius’s Mosella
Claudius Claudianus
Gregory of Tours, Decem libri historiarum
Jerome’s Epistles
Mediaeval Latin Texts

Teaching in German: The University of Vienna (organized by level and type)

Lateinische Hymnen (Prudenz) (Seminar)
Gregor von Tours (Seminar)
Seminar aus Römischer Geschichte: - Panegyrici Latini - Herrscherlob und
Herrschaftsideologie in der Spätantike (co-taught with Fritz Mitthof)
Apuleius Apologia (Seminar)
Forschungsseminar für LatinistInnen (Seminar)
DoktorandInnenSeminar, “Me and My Dissertation: Tough Love”)
Alcestis Barcinonensis (Seminar)

Einführung in die Literaturtheorie (Übung für MastersstudentInnen)

Boethius: Einführung in das wissenschaftliche Arbeiten (Proseminar)
Einführung in das wissenschaftliche Arbeiten (Latein) (Proseminar)
Seneca, Apocolocyntosis: Einführung in das wissenschaftliche Arbeiten (Proseminar)
Gregor von Tours, De Virtutibus S. Iuliani (Proseminar)

Spätlateinische Texte als Grundlagen der romanischen Sprachen (Vorlesung-Lektüre)
Spätlateinische Texte (Lektüre)

Livius (Lektüre III)
Gedichte Genießen (Lektuere III)

Lateinische Epistolographie (Vorlesung Teilgebiet)
Lateinische Epistolographie (Konversatorium)
Augustinus (Vorlesung: Teilgebiet)
Kultur, Literatur, und Gesellschaft der Spätantike (Vorlesung)
Horaz und Juvenal (Vorlesung: Teilgebiet)
Lateinische Hagiographie (Vorlesung: Teilgebiet)
Überblick über die lateinische Literatur der Spätantike und des frühen Mittelalters
Säkulare Dichtug der Spätantike (Vorlesung)
Teilgebiet der römischen Literatur (Prosa) - Die römische Kunstprosa (Vorlesung)

Grundlagen des Übersetzens (Cicero: Lektüre)

Teaching Practicum (Supervision of Graduate Student Teachers)
Classics 300
Classics 302
Classics 545

Intensive Language Teaching
Intensive Summer workshop in Medieval Latin (3 weeks) at Cornell from 1990-2003

Undergraduate Honors Thesis Supervision

S. Altman, “The Hunt of Diana in the Middle Ages” (Harvard 1990)
B. Petruska, “Hunky Dory: Huns as Vilified Barbarians and Glorified Hungarians” (Cornell,
Classics, 1998)
L. Schwartzman, “ Orbis vitrorum fractorum: The Creation of Space in the Satyricon of
Petronius “ (Cornell, Classics, 2004)

Doctoral Dissertations Directed

S. Beall, “Civilis Eruditio: Style and Content in the Attic Nights of Aulus Gellius” (Berkeley
1988) (Classics Dept.) (Now at Marquette University)
G. Hays, “Fulgentius, the Mythographer” (Cornell 1996) (Classics Dept.) (Now at the
University of Virginia)
A. Cain, “Jerome’s Epistolary Corpus: Structure, Transmission and Propagandistic Function”
(Cornell 2003) (Medieval Studies Program) (Now at the University of Colorado, Boulder)
Amy Oh, “A Commentary on Jerome’s Contra Vigilantium” (UIUC Classics, 2013) (Now at the
University of Southern Florida)
Daniel Abosso, A Translation and Commentary on Claudius Marius Victor's Alethia 3.1-326
(UIUC Classics 2015) (Now at the GSLIS at the University of Illinois)
Pt. Maurus Mount, O.S.B., “A Literary and Religious-Historical Commentary on
Book Six of the Vita Sancti Martini by Paulinus of Périgueux” (Wien, Klassische Philologie
2015) (Now at the Monastery of Saint Vincent’s Archabbey, Latrobe, PA)

Masters Dissertations Directed
F. Curta, “Apparatus Funerum: Torture and Torture Instruments in Prudentius’ Peristephanon”
(Cornell 1999) (Medieval Studies Program)
A. Zielinski-Kinney, “Voluntary Episcopal Exile in Merovingian Gaul,” (UIUC 2006)

Doctoral Dissertations: External Reader/Examiner or Committee Member

†M. Mansfield, “Public Penance in Northern France in the Thirteenth Century,” (Berkeley
1988) (History Dept.) Chair: Bisson
Nancy Bisaha, “Humanist Reactions to the Expansion of the Ottoman Empire: Views from
15th C. Italy” (Cornell 1997) (History Dept.) Chair: Najemy
Amy Phelan, History “A Study of the First Trailbaston Proceedings in England, 1304-1307”
(Cornell 1997) (History Dept.) Chair: Hyams
Eve MacDonald, “Representations of Women in Sidonius Apollinaris and Gregory of Tours:
Coniuges et Familiae” (Université d’Ottawa 2000) (Dept. of Classics and Religious Studies)
Chair: Burgess
Daniel Wallace Turkeltaub, “The Gods’ Radiance Manifest: An Examination of the Narrative
Pattern Underlying the Homeric Divine Epiphany Scenes” (Cornell 2003) (Classics Dept.)
Chair: Pucci
Johanna Kramer, “From Sacred Earth to Celestial Spheres: Materiality, Symbolism, and
Sacred Space in Old and Middle English Literature,” (Cornell 2005) (Medieval Studies
Program) Chair: Hill
Daniel Markovic, “The Rhetoric of Explanation in Lucretius’ De rerum natura,” (UIUC 2006)
(Classics) Chair: Jacobson (Now at the University of Cincinnati)
Karen Lurkhur, Redefining Gender Through the Arena of the Male Body: The Reception of
Thomas's Tristran in the Old French Le Chevalier de la charette and the Old Icelandic Saga af
Tristram ok Ísodd" (UIUC 2007) (Comparative Literature): Co-Chairs: Fresco and Kalinke
Ashleigh Imus, “Mind Reading in Dante’s Commedia,” (Cornell 2009) (Medieval Studies):
Chair: Marilyn Migiel
Andrea Livini, “Étude de la circulation de la Cena Cypriani durant le Moyen-Âge (avec édition de
textes), » (Doctorat européen: Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales: Groupe
d’Anthropologie historique de l’Occident Médiéval : Paris 2011) Directrice : Marie Anne Polo
de Beaulieu
Paola Franchi, „La battaglia interiore. Prova di commento alla Psychomachia di Prudenzio“
D. Phil. Klassische Philologie, Wien 2013 (Betreuer: Moretti und Smolak)
RVSTICI HELPIDII TRISTICHA : Introduzione, testo criticamente riveduto, traduzione e
comment (Macerata and Wien 2014)
Salvatore Liccardo, „‚Antike Namen und neue Völker‘–Die Benutzung, die Verbreitung und
die vielfältigen Bedeutungen der Ethnonyme im Europa des frühen Mittelalters“ (Chair:

Current Ph.D. Committee Member at UIUC for:

Michael Brinks, History, "A Community of Preachers: The North Italian Bishops and their
Church, 395-450" (Chair: Mathisen)
Kent Navalesi, History, “Venantius Fortunatus and the Literary Promotion of Saints’ Cults in
Sixth-Century Gaul.”(Chair: Mathisen)

Ph.D. Supervisor at the University of Vienna:
Angela Zielinski Kinney, “The Personification of Divine Rumor and Its Reception in Late
Antique Prose”

Magister and Diplomarbeiten at the University of Vienna:

Anne Artner (Topic TBA)
Julia Froeschl, working on Celsus, De Medicina, Book 7 and Ancient Surgery (Diplomarbeit)
Michaela Westermaier working on the Cult of Saint Florian (Diplomarbeit)
Matthias Wagner, working on Augustine’s De cura pro mortuis gerenda (Diplomarbeit)

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